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Internet that cares!

Making sense of the Digital Agenda for Europe 2020

‘The influence of broadband on the society is much greater than – for instance – electricity, the steam mill and information technology in the past.’

OECD – Report Broadband and the economy

OpenNet is an internationally proven product and an operational environment for the establishment and management of open broadband networks. 

We understand and meet needs of society and individuals. We provide solutions to enable smart digital social services, healthcare, energy consumption, logistics management, security and all other important elements of human life.  We understand needs of all our customers and target to provide high-quality access to all services for each household or business equally for large city, small town, little remote village, or farm.

OpenNet is expanding rapidly throughout Europe. Originated in Sweden and already active in The Netherlands, Austria, Finland and more, we are striving to build business with companies all across Europe. This document describes our approach to broadband, the value chain and business model.

To see some more developments, please click the icons below:


Open CO

The technical heart of an open broadband network.

OpenNet Austria

The website of the Austrian OpenNet branch

OpenNet Suomi

The website of the Suomi OpenNet branch.

OpenNet Nederland

The website of the Dutch OpenNet branch.

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